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We're ready when you are.

At KC Key Solutions, we paint houses year-round, of course weather permitting if it's an exterior! Our expert team will evaluate your project and provide a FREE PAINTING ESTIMATE. This means that we will set up a time to meet you and take a look at the project. There are some companies that provide quotes over the phone; while we might be able to give you a "ball-park" figure this way, it will just take us a little time to look at the surroundings, the size of the project, and take preparation notes that we'll need to make and assess any damages that you'd like us to repair before we begin. It's just good customer service.

We'll then be able to work up a price and we will typically email over to you within a day; if you'd prefer us to hand deliver it, that works great...but when you work with KC Key Solutions, we will be emailing you a lot of details and your email address will be your "login" name here at KCKEYSOLUTIONS.COM. This way you will be able to view your invoice, your paint selections and any repairs that we perform online, forever. This can be especially helpful so you don't need to keep receipts or empty paint cans around your house for reference. We will keep that information for you.

Finally, we'll paint. Whether is an inside job, one room or a whole house, exterior painting or just a deck staining, we will get to work on our pre-set schedule. Questions? Give us a call at 913-686-6278 or send us an email. Ready to get started on your FREE ESTIMATE? Click the calendar below!

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KC Key Solutions is FULLY INSURED and we'll be happy to deliver a certificate of insurance for your project if you choose. Your property is safe with us, and we'll treat it as if it were our own.