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Have a commercial location that needs a painting bid?

We know that most large contractors that are looking for painters wait for the painting company to come to them; but if you're a small business owner to a large multi-complex developer that is in need of high-quality and reliable painting service that can be flexible and meet your needs, KC Key Solutions is your group.

We know that there are common mistakes that happen to painting contractors. At KC Key Solutions we will properly calculate our expenses and expand our insurance coverages to meet the demand of the project. We are happy to bid against the competition; in fact we encourage it. The more information we have about our clients and our competition, the better off we will all be and the better the outcome will be for all parties.

KC Key Solutions can demonstrate value by helping with the initial planning and design phase, assist with or perform repairs, carry costs and we will generally do what we can to provide the best overall value rather than just being the cheapest painter. We offer far more than that.

Professional services, screened and reliable employees and detailed bids separate us from the competition. Not only will we be the best at what we do but we will also follow up with you until the job is complete. Your project is important to us and we won't let you down. When the job is done you'll be glad that you chose our paint team and you'll be calling on us again for your next painting project. Ready to receive a FREE ESTIMATE? Click the calendar below.

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KC Key Solutions is FULLY INSURED and we'll be happy to deliver a certificate of insurance for your project if you choose. Your property is safe with us, and we'll treat it as if it were our own.