What makes KC Key Solutions Different?

There's a big difference between painters who are efficient in doing the job and those who just want to cut corners.

Wall repair.
We will make every effort to include all repair pricing in the initial bid of the project. Interior walls and exterior can have problems that may only be known to you; please let us know and we will be happy to look at all trouble spots. We can repair drywall, touch up texture and replacing siding on the outside of your house.

Paint prices.
Paint gets more expensive as you go from flat to gloss. Flat is the cheapest, then matte flat or eggshell, satin, semigloss then gloss. then we'll need to talk about the grade of paint. We will work within your budget; but better quality paint costs more - but is typically worth the price. We have excellent results applying a high-quality paint with two coats. We will always use two coats unless you request something different. Please bear in mind that changing drastic colors (i.e. very dark to very light) may take additional coats and we will confirm this with you upon initial consultation. Some other painters may simply say to paint the walls and ceiling and never specify the number of coats to be applied. If the colors are similar enough, it's possible to get away with one coat of paint and not discount your pricing. No matter how hard you try, tiny, pin-sized air holes will pop exposing the original walls. This may not bother you if you can't notice it, but principally speaking you should have paid your painter less for the work.

Material scams - watch out.
Watch out for these common cheats that disreputable painters use on homeowners. You'll never have this worry at KC Key Solutions.
• Bait and switch. The company sells the project with premium paint and they charge you full price. They purchase either a one- or five-gallon bucket of the good stuff and the rest in the cheapest stuff they can find. They mix or box the cheap paint in with the expensive paint and only let you see the expensive paint cans.
• Watered down. The paint is mixed with 25 to 50 percent water before it's brought into your home. When you mix paint with water, it more than doubles its coverage but makes it very vulnerable to chipping, peeling and cracking. This is hard to catch unless you're paying close attention. Keep an eye on the new cans as they're being brought in. Make sure they look new and don't have paint in the rim of the can. If it's a five-gallon bucket, check to see whether the lid is still sealed on with the plastic strip. The only time it's acceptable to mix water in the paint is when you're using a deep or ultra deep base paint to reduce its stickiness, which is rare with new paint technology. Dark primary colors are composed almost entirely of tint that makes it very hard to work with without adding water.

Our bids will have detail.
A typical paint contract will read "2 coats, flat, $500 down." This is where most people get taken advantage of. They won't mention the kind of paint they'll use, drywall damage, caulk, corner beads, tape seams, flooring, furniture, change orders, deglossing of semigloss paint and so on. They don't want to put those things on the bid unless you specifically ask them to because it costs them more money. They want to give you a low-ball bid to get the project and then when you ask them to fix the hole in the wall from the door knob, it's a $200 charge. We will make every effort to observe and clarify any issues on our bid BEFORE a project is started. If there are unforeseen issues that arise we will discuss these as the project progresses; it's best for you and KC Key Solutions to be very clear up front so that way both parties are fully aware of the scope of the project! Your happiness is our happiness.